Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Feathered Friends Awaiting Their Feathered Nests!

Can you imagine these birds perched upon vintage garland nests, mothering their pearl eggs under a dainty umbrella! Soon these lovelies will be doing just that! Whatch out for them in future posts and in the shop.

Speaking of shop...MEET BERRY.

Berry grew up in the strawberry fields and started picking at a very young age. Although he spent more time eating the strawberries than picking them! His favorite past time is baking strawberry rhubarb pies. Berry would make a wonderful addition to your family! He can be adopted in the shop. Did I mention "Strawberry Fields Forever" is his favorite song?

Remember back on this post I mentioned I had something in mind beyond the shroom clips...ta da!

They are shroom picks. They are based off of the vintage millinery version. Although these are made of wood and not spun cotton. They are very adorable up close, in person. What are they used for you ask? I imagine them atop a whimsical gift package or held by a Pixie Monster, perched in a nest or placed in a plant! What ever you do with them they will diffinitley add character! They will be joining Berry in the shop.

Hope everyone is having a heck of a day!

“All mushrooms are edible - once”

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