Friday, January 04, 2008

Rain Rain go away...

come back some other day. No, not really. I know we need it, but I hate seeing people crashing on the roads, trees splitting and Michael's craft store closed due to a power outage! Sigh.
At least Tar-shay was open and I got this really cute apron for $2.50!

They have all sorts of cute Valentines goodies for sale in there $1-$2.50 section. Kevin actually pulled me away from the section and said we really don't need heart napkins, he's probably right. But I did manage to put other heart items in the basket, hee hee. Since we're talking shopping, I have recently found old toy fabric panels during my thrifting adventures. Does anyone remember them?

These fabrics from another time evoke long-forgotten memories and emotion! My mother use to sew many stuffed animals from them for me. I loved them to the point that is was a scraggly piece of fabric that I was embarrassed to explain to anyone what it actually is or was. Mom use to stuff them with shredded poly foam and it soothed me to pick at this little pieces of foam in the doll. I know, weird right? I'm hoping to put a couple together sometime soon using the same kind of stuffing. Ah, I love nostalgia!

"Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet."
- Roger Miller

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American Genius said...

all of this has a very German craftsmanship feel to it,