Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Return From Ashland :: Chapter 5 :: Results

The affects of Art In Ashland are beginning to wear off *sigh*. At least I have evidence of 3 days of pure art bliss. Here's my creation from Anahata's class
This lady started off as a "magazine girl" and became the centerpiece of my canvas.
The title of the piece "I'll Take You Home Again". No, I'm not that much of a planner! It was torn out of a music book last minute and glued on!

What is it that's she's staring at and taking home again anyway?
oh, her nest egg!

Here it is in the whole

My jewerly skills are very minimal, it took me the whole day to put this piece together!
It started off with a vintage rose pin and a fabulous old necklace links from Amy.
Then a smokey crystal flower pulled off a vintage earring.
another pin used as a closure.

Pam's class started with this new-old looking ledger.
Carving out the windows of the ledger took a lot of sweat and hard work! It was like cutting through metal!!! The windows were covered with mica (it's hard to tell in this photo).
Thanks to my neighbor Natalie she had the right color (platinum) stickles and I was able to smother the rough edges I cut out. She also provided me with the French definition card!
The binding was finished back at camp. I topped it off with a sugar coated button from Mama J.
I made the mistake by not covering the inside center binding with linen binding tape and had huge gaps in between the signatures. So, I covered it with a baby blue velvet ribbon to act as a "bookmark" . As Anahata said "happy mistakes", that holds true with this project!

Towards the end Pam gave us a huge ledger page to collage on and be free with
This is supposed to go in the journal we created, but I haven't had the heart yet to cut it up!

Oh, as promised here's the stone lithograph I received from Jen
Isn't that dress to die for? Thanks Jen!

"When I work, I work very fast, but preparing to work can take any length of time."
-Cy Twombly


Nicole Austin said...

Hi Romy,

It was nice meeting you at Convenzione this weekend. I liked talking with you about art and the Art in Ashland event. These pieces are amazing! Thank you for sharing.


Karin said...

how fun!
hold on to the bliss as long as you can...i have an idea, come spend the weekend in Phoenix and we can play in my work space all weekend. :)
miss you!

Anonymous said...

this is sooo cool.