Monday, August 25, 2008

From Oregon to Pleasanton: My Adventure with ZNE

Oh my, this year has been so full of creative makes my heart pitter patter! I spent last weekend in Pleasanton at the convenzione. Unfortunately, I did not get a whole lot of photos this time. I was too busy chit chatting and making new friends. Friday was registration and shopping day! It started with a yummy boxed lunch outdoors accompanied by great friends, music and the marriage of a cute Blythe couple! The wedding was a surprise and I was not camera ready! Afterwards was shopping time at American Harvest! I remember going to this quaint store a few years back but didn't realize how magical this place is!!! I think this is where I took the most photos.
I took this picture because I would love to paint, stencil or rub this quote onto a mirror for a fast craft project!
If anyone needs to get me a late birthday present just call the store and have them ship this necklace to me! Too adorable!
I love Nicol Sayre vignettes!
One person kept popping in my mind...ArtsyMama. She adores Halloween like the bunny adores Easter!

Friday evening was spent watching a film by Andrea Kreuzhage 1000 Journals film. I rarely use acronyms but OMG! First, have you heard of the 1000 Journals Project? If not, go to the website and check it out. I'm not going into detail about it in case you see the film! All I have to say is that there are a lot of unfound creative minds out there waiting to be set free!

Saturday was a class with lovely Sally Jean! I adore her! Here is what I attempted to make

And this is actually what I made

There is a lot of fine tuning still (like smoothing out my clumps of solder)
and polishing it.
After inserting a tea light it takes on a whole new look. Unfortunately it would be too hard to demonstrate here. I was happy to semi finish this piece! Saturday evening we had a delicious dinner at the gorgeous Blue Agave Club. I had great conversations with wonderful gals Lana, Pam and her daughter Allie, Sally, Michelle and Lisa.

Sunday was spent shopping more at Art Paperie Pleasantries Fair
Chel All hail the Queen of ZNE!

and who could forget Miss Vicky? For those I've met but didn't have a chance to talk to much ( Jill, Carmen, Nicole ) I hope we meet again in the future! maybe even next year!!!

“The creative process is a process of surrender, not control.”
- Julia Cameron

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Karin said...

i can't believe how much fun you are having! its so great!

love the 1000 journals project...I bought one of the books...I'll have to send it to you to share.

and I found out about american harvest AFTER I moved away...darn it, I never got a chance to go.