Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Return From Ashland :: Chapter 4 :: Friends

As mentioned before, I met sooo many great artists and friends. Here's the hostess with the mostess Anahata!
Adorable Patrice with her fun pieces!
This is Miss Cassondra and I'm so glad to finally meet her. This talented lady needs a blog! But until then check out here Flickr.
Here's Miss Texas (AKA Dana) with her awesome paintings from Anahata's class.
Here's my partner in crime for 2 days, Kelly. I hope to see her at future adventures! She makes the most adorable figurine boxes!
Many of you know this sweet gal Kari (AKA Artsy Mama)
Here's Amy Hanna. She is too nice!
I was excited to met Hope because she is the mastermind behind PaperRelics and Hope Wallace Design Services (recently collaborated with Andrea in the redesign of One Hundred Wishes)
Last but diffinitely not least is Jennifer. She is the proprietress of gorgeous antique stone lithograhs. I was lucky enough to be able to choose one (I will take pictures and include it in the next post).
I met so many more new friends (Christina of Dollybelle, Natalie, Michelle, Sally) but was not able to photograph all of them.
It was so nice to actually meet blogger friends in person too! Stayed tuned for the last post!

"What is a friend? I will tell is someone with whom you dare to be yourself."
~ Frank Crane


Karin said...

so great to see everybody!
very cool, looks like you all had a great time.

m i c h e l l e said...

Such CUTE pictures!!!! What a wonderful adventure that was!!!!

Flatfish said...

Looks like to had way too much fun.
Great post!