Sunday, June 01, 2008

Show & Tell Sunday

Hi folks! Welcome to Pixie Paper Arts blog spot (if you are new here). Glad you could stop in. I love this show and tell Little Pink Studio is hosting (please check her wonderful blog out) because like I've have mentioned in previous posts...I spend more time organizing than crafting! So here it is!

I found this printmaking box at a hobby store and found it to be perfect to hold all my scrapbook supplies:

Some close ups:

Here's all my bits and baubles (buttons, pom poms, sequins, etc.):

I adore the colors! I organize them in plastic containers and stack them in another box! Whew!

Paints, markers, pastels and such are arranged in plastic box photo frames...yes frames. They fit perfectly under my work desk needing little room.

Balls of yarn and roving are thrown into a vintage wire basket:

Luscious ribbons are in these fat jars (a little organization is in need here):

My favorite forms of organizing is vintage suitcases:

These house my craft and art work

and my millinery

My vintage jewels:
check this post for more photos!

Other random shots:

To see how my embroidery threads are stashed away check out this post!

Whew! That's only a part of the tour I will have to do part 2 some other day...when it's more organized!

Thanks for coming to visit! Please keep visiting and leaving comments! Now I'm off to visit other blog studios.

“First comes thought; then organization of that thought, into ideas and plans; then transformation of those plans into reality. The beginning, as you will observe, is in your imagination.”


Anonymous said...

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Karin said...


I wanna come over and play!

Nicole Austin said...

I LOVE organized supplies in neat little boxes and bins and baskets! I love the photos of your goodies all ready to go and make art with! :) You don't want to see the state of my studio right now--it's depressingly chaotic! :( (But it will be neat and tidy...hopefully soon!) ;)


Little Pink Studio said...

Hey! I think you might like this week's Show & Tell theme too!
We'd love to have you come and play again!
~Cerri xo