Monday, February 25, 2008

All wound up...

I have been freakishly organizing some of my crafts. Like my embroidery thread, magazines and all my fabrics.

I donated a bunch of icky fabrics I had collected over the years. I didn't get a good picture of the fabrics though :P
I had years of Somerset Magazines that were stuffed in a suitcase. I went through a gianormous pile (we're talking at least 5 years worth) and reduced it to a few inches high of ripped out articles that will go into a binder. It is such a good feeling to get organized. I've said this before and I will probably say many times again, but I spend more time organizing my crafts than creating. Anyone else have that problem?

On a another note...I wanted to wish you all a belated Happy Valentines! I hope you all received gorgeous flowers, chocolate or at least a sloppy kiss! My Honey brought me home another man! Yep, he brought home Justin Timberlake Whoo...Hoo. The DVD that is! I was also the lucky recipitant of not 1 but 2 bouquets of sweet petals

Since my Honey swooned me, I thought I'd pass the cheer on and make these for my co-workers

Felt fortune cookies from Martha

and chocolate covered strawberry marshmellows! Yum!

I've been thrifting too. Here's my find:

It's a "toy" panel of a little girls' dress and a stuffed doll for that special little girl! Too cute! I found a really adorable apron too but it's in the wash. We'll save it for next post since this one is getting pretty lengthy. I also found these funny rabbit candy containers:
I got them for only 50 cents for all 3 of them (there was no price and the cashier was feeling generous). Love them!

Well I'll end this long post with yet another charming photo of the love of my life (aside from my honey of course)

"The secret of success is consistency of purpose."
- Benjamin Disraeli

P.S. Thanks for all the Bunny Bun Bun Love! I miss that old girl!

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