Monday, June 02, 2008

Wink : Wink :

I don't know what was with me and my eyes or eye always being closed in photos, maybe it's the pirate in me-but I thought this one was pretty funny. I "borrowed" this from my Dad's collection and had to share. This one may replace my current youngster picture.

In other news, I've received some great stuff in the mail lately! I love coming home to find packages brimming my mailbox!
Sweet Karin of Blossom Shop has sent along these treasures! Love the crown key chain, as you know I would! With the gifts she also sent some of her new business cards she had printed from Zazzle.
Make your way to her blog and store when you have a moment!

Postmark LA also arrived

It's a collaboration between Pam Garrison, Amy Hanna (no blog yet :),Teresa McFayden, Charlotte Lyons, Carolyn Peeler and Rebecca Sower. I won't give away too much but it's very inspirational. Makes me want to round up my crafty girls and have a serious craft session. Anyone down? If not...get the book and you will be.

Last but never least I received this book

I first read about in an Art magazine a few years ago, I waited and waited for it to be released on Amazon. It never was available then recently I noticed I could order it used, so I did. I have not started to read it yet but it will be fun to. It's a story and a piece of work

The whole book is put together with snippets of newspaper, mags and such. Man, I admire the ambition of this Author and Artist!

"I get mail; therefore I am."
-Scott Adams

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Karin said...

So glad you got your goodies!
Mama Joy has her crown keychain too, we all match :)
Love the new photo of you, just priceless!
That book looks great, I might have to get my own copy.