Monday, October 30, 2006

Finishing October

Hello All!

I can find something to write about everyday but, I wish I had the time to write about them. Sorry, If I jam everything in one blog but I find myself with moments when I'm inspired to write and catchup. Let's start off with Halloween...I've been busy finishing the cone hat treats for my fellow co-workers. I made about a dozen of them and I am quite happy. However, I started to feel guilty because I have more than a dozen co-workers but I just didn't have the funds and time this year. I decided to make cards for the rest of them and a couple of my friends.
Not the best close-up picture. The skeleton has googley eyes and one is popping off his head. At first, I didn't know how to portray this without looking like the eye fell off by accident. My dearest boyfriend recommended I stitch a little red thread from the skull to the hanging eye. That's why I love the guy! They came out tooo cute (in a demented sorta way)! Over the weekend I got a sad email and found out Scrapbook Dreams here in Sunnyvale is closing. But the good news is customers get 30% off everything and even better I had a gift certificate! Here are the goodies:

I hate when small businesses shut down but I believe the employees are moving into new projects.
Ok, now for the Mochi update. Kevin and I haven't had a chance to take her out as much lately until, last Friday. I took her to Las Palmas Park and she had a heck of a time
Can you tell by her face? She adores rolling around in the grass and I have a hard time getting her to sit still....I got lucky on this one. But since Friday she's been cooped up in the house all weekend. One note before I get into this next story: Mochi loves pom poms as much as I do. I love to include them into my craft projects and Mochi loves to bat them around like a kitten. Well, I purchased a big gallon size bag of them and placed them in my craft room, thinking I shut the door before I left on errands. When I came back Mochi's ears were slammed back and a look of horror appeared on her face. The craft room door was open and pompom land exploded! I couldn't keep a straight face when I scolded her.This is what happens when you keep a puppy cooped up in the house all weekend! As I was typing this part of the blog, Mochi comes running in and drops a pom pom at my feet She's probably got them stashed around the house! Too funny! I absolutely adore this dog! Well this about sums up the past week. I'm having a last minute Halloween Dinner Party and hopefully I can write more about that later. Happy Halloween to you all!!!!

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