Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Today I...

• Called my friend Ross by mistake when trying to dial the upholstery shop and ended up having a nice coversation.

• Realized that reupholstering a chair cost more than buying a new one.

• Was nervous around the geese and ducks that were walking towards me in haste and quacking.

• Listened to the song at the end of Sixteen Candles when Molly Ringwald is sad because the wedding party left, but Jake was standing there as cars were pulling away.

• Will do this project if I can find a dress to do it to.

• Was pleased to hear " I like the way you dress" and I replied "I try really, really hard".

• Zoned out listening to the song "The Killing Moon".

• Drank a Lychee Pearl drink that was spelled Litchi.

• Day dreamed of owning my own party planning business.

• Purchased some fabulous shoes.

• Wondered why every afternoon I hear someone tearing open envelopes from another cubicle.

"I was trying to daydream, but my mind kept wandering."
~Steven Wright

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