Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Best $50 I've Spent...

this year so far!

I saw this on Craig's List last weekend and got up extra early to see if I could get my hands on this Wardian Terrarium case.

I set a limit on myself and said "I will not pay more than $75 on this thing". (Retail: they are about $100 and up)

Sales Lady: "We want $50 for it".
Me: "I'll take it along with that China set, can you take $5 off the China set"
Sales Lady: "Sure since you're such a good customer"
Me: Trying to hold back my giddiness and play it cool.

The case is pretty large so I'm having a tough time finding space for it, but I LOVE it!

"Terrariums are generally credited with being invented by a man named Nathaniel Bagshaw Ward. He invented them during the Victorian era and created a style of glass case with a metal frame that was very popular during the era. These terrariums were called "Wardian Cases" after Ward."
~Storm The Castle

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Jenn said...

SO beautiful I need one. Smaller though I have JUST the place for it. I DO NEED one too my cat keeps destroying my cute plants!