Thursday, November 17, 2011

Long Awaited Wedding Photos!

Warning: Long photo post! I can't believe it's been five months that we've been married already! It was hard for me to pick and choose which photos to post. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. The photos posted here are all done by Christian Cruz.

Awesome makeup was done by Jennifer Ramirez.

My hair was done by Reinna. She did an unbelievable job!

This pin was used on my Mother's own wedding day.

This was my gift to K.

My bouquet and all the centerpieces included crepe paper flowers I spent months making!

See the garland hanging from the chairs? They're made from paper circles glued together to form a ball.

Our faces were classic in this photo!

I forgot to grab the bouquet coming back down the aisle!

The Gentleman's socks!

The Men's Boutonnieres were also made of crepe paper and peacock feathers.

Our theme was vintage circus!

I printed this banners last minute for the guests to wave around.

The typewriter was our "guest book".

I absolutely adore this photo of Mama J and K!

These balloons were 36" round, they were amazing!

The dessert buffet included fruit tarts, cotton candy, Big League Chew...

Cracker Jacks!

and of course cake! K made this awesome cake stand. I made the cake topper and decorations for the cake.

Animal centerpieces! It took me weeks to purchase, paint and glue these suckers! It was worth it because I came home with only one centerpiece.

This was my favorite moment of the whole evening! All of our friends and family encircled us and sang "Let's Stay Together" by Al Green. I will never forget it!

I had 3 hair accessory changes. A veil for the ceremony, a fresh Gardenia for dinner (inspired by Miss Billie Holiday), and topped it off with a mini top hat!

It was a magical night!

"You truly are the butter to my bread"
~Part of my vows to K adapted from Julia Child


Treaisa said...

Hi Romy, What a beautiful day. I have been looking for a veil like yours for ages but find all of the smaller box veils have feathers rather than combs like yours attached. I love yours and would love to know where you got it. Thanks Treaisa

Romy of Pixie Paper Arts said...

Hi Treaisa,

I know how you feel. I wanted something simple also. Here's the link:
Hope you find the perfect veil!

Treaisa said...

You've made my day thanks so much. :-) Treaisa

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous wedding! And you looked stunning! Can you provide details on the small pendant flags that you printed out for guests to wave? I love them! : )

Romy of Pixie Paper Arts said...

Hi Anonymous,

Thanks so much for looking. Sure I will create a tutorial on the flags over the weekend please check my blog in a few days :)