Sunday, April 20, 2008

City Wide Garage Sale

I love the city wide sale! But I missed my dear friends and family (Karin, Mama Joy, Pam, Levi) that have scavenge with me in the past! I did however, bring along a very willing co-pilot:
She even got to do a little o' bit of running through the park.

I feel that I made out like a bandit on this round of shopping:
The most I spent on the items pictured here (actually all my items) is $5. One sale or should I say lack of sale was giving everything away for free. Hence the thermos and enamel plate.

I also purchased these from the sweetest old lady:

It was as if she knew exactly what I was looking for! She asked if I crafted and told me what she used them for in her own crafts. I adored her, I practically bought everything she had!

This was my first purchase:
a mushroom jar displaying a game of Jacks!

Oh, and for the grand finale...drum roll please...
Remember back on this post when I mentioned I needed a cart? This one was perfect! I was going to drive right past the sale and decided to stop, as soon as I walked up I saw 2 carts. This one and a newer one. But like I said in the previous post I wanted a cart with history! It was only $3!!!!

All in all I spent $30. That's really good since I'm trying to pinch my pennies! Hope you all found some great treasures this weekend.

"I was at a yard sale one day and saw a box marked "Electronic cat and dog caller -- guaranteed to work." I looked inside and was amused to see an electric can opener."


Karin said...

perfect finds!!!!
Wish I could have been there with ya!

Anne said...

Keep up the good work.