Friday, February 29, 2008

Bag O' Gold Crowns...

were found today at the thrift store. There are nine crowns ready for some jewels and rhinestones! I can't wait to embellish them! I also purchased some lace binding and trims. I went to put them away in the "Lace Box" and the lid exploded off the box and this came pouring out

*sigh* looks like more organizing is in my future.
Oh, and here is a couple of shots of my apron I was telling you about last post:

I adore the embroidery work. It's a kitty pouring herself a bowl of milk.
I decided I'm probably going to be one of those mamas that is going to have a whole photo album of my child in the purse anxiously awaiting for someone to ask to see pictures, because here is yet another photo of my current baby

I just can't help myself! Hope you had a lovely Friday, I sure did!

"I love that there are so many different forms of craziness!"
-Rob of Rob & Big


karin said...

I want one of those crowns!!!!

:) happy friday

Gabriela said...

Hello from Toronto,

Great crowns, have a blast decorating them!