Friday, September 21, 2007

Felix Felicis...

is also knowing as Liquid Luck Potion in the Harry Potter world (I'm a HP nerd).
I feel like I got my hands on some of this potion, let me explain...
When I got home from work today, it was a bit to dreary to work out in the yard which is something i've been itching to do. So, I decided to catch up on all my newspaper and magazine reading. The first thing I pick up is my Michael's ad and there on the front was a 50% off coupon any regular priced item. This usually excludes the Martha Stewart Line. I kept on reading the coupon and there was no mention of Martha. I said to myself "this is gotta be a misprint" as I grabbed my coat and rushed out the door to Michael's. I read and reread the coupon over and over while I was driving (at red lights of course). I even thought about how I was going to approach the cashier if she decided this is also a mistake. I drove into the parking lot as someone was backing out of their front row parking, pulled in thinking...the 18x18 scrapbook I have longingly wanted for soooo long is got to be sold out (because I'm not the only one who wants this scrapbook and discovered this misprint). I ran in found the black scrapbook staring back at me. I looked around to make sure no one else was eyeballing this, grabbed it and ran to the cashier with coupon in hand, ready to battle (if I got any flack). She rang it up, scanned the coupon, no fuss! A $5 gift card and $39 later I am the proud owner of this black scrapbook that's too big to put anywhere in my house!
But I still love it and felt I got away with a great deal!
As Martha would say "This is a Good Thing!"

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