Thursday, March 29, 2012

Geodes AKA: Crystal Eggs

I have been wanting to make these Crystal Eggs since last year and I finally pulled all the materials together to finally do this!

I originally purchased the PASS Easter egg dye without thinking and tried it on this yellow egg. It worked but the color wasn't as vibrant as hoped. Being so close to Easter I had no time to purchase the Ukrainian Egg Dye that the directions suggested. I end up using food coloring.

These pictures really don't do them justice!

P.S. I could not locate large quantities of Alum around the Bay Area and end up purchasing 5 lbs from Talas online. I made about 18 jumbo Geodes with 5 lbs. But you can also reheat the solution to dye more eggs.

A small, hollow, usually rounded rock lined on the inside with inward-pointing crystals. Geodes form when mineral-rich water entering a cavity in a rock undergoes a sudden change in pressure or temperature, causing crystals to form from the solution and line the cavity's walls.

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