Thursday, December 22, 2011

Big Foot Dinner

A Big Foot dinner was afoot (pun intended) for some dear friends. I needed a centerpiece so I hopped on Ebay immediately to bid on a figurine and faux bois fabric.

Big Foot was housed under a glass dome with a tree to give him some depth. My dear friend is always quoting "We're really doing it" so I thought it was appropriate to print it on clear film and wrap the glass dome with it.

Here's a better shot of the faux bois table cloth.

The woodlands started coming together around big foot. The LED string lights are so common now and worked perfectly with the centerpiece. The little trees were actually on my christmas wish lists and K let me open them early :)

The mini mushrooms were purchased on my trip to Castle In The Air.

The animals are normally used in my Christmas displays, it was nice to see them in a woodland scene instead of in the snow where them normally reside.

As each guest were seated they were greeted to a wood box filled with toys and treats!

Earth toned balloons swayed directly above the table for height.

Now a big foot dinner isn't complete without a cake!

Sugar Butter Flour Bakery created this fantastic foot!

We asked the baker to make the toenails yellow and she added the cracks a perfect detail!

We hoped you enjoyed peeking into our Big Foot Festivities!

"People from very different backgrounds and different parts of the world have described very similar creatures, behaving in similar ways, and uttering some strikingly similar sounds," she said. "As far as I am concerned, the existence of hominids of this sort is a very real probability."
~Jane Goodall

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Christen said...

Hilarious and adorable and awesome!! The big foot cake pushes it over the edge. :) Where did you come up with the "Big foot" theme?