Wednesday, August 03, 2011

When did Thifting become Antiquing?

I remember when I started thrifting as a teenager and would find the best stuff!! I was in a thrift store last weekend and I could not find one single English tea cup! I remember there would tons of them years ago, so I headed to an antique store nearby and they were asking at least $15 a piece for one! At that point I realized that all the "good stuff" I use to see in thrift stores has become an antique! Here is what I picked up with money in hand...

The Roly Polies were buy one get one free!

1950's sugar and creamer, love the aqua blue on the inside!

Isn't the gold box perfect for showcasing the "Eat Me" cake for a mad hatter's tea party?

"You have to fight against being an antique."
~ Burt Lancaster

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Andy Nguyen said...

That just shows how old we really are!!!