Friday, July 22, 2011

What I'm Focused on These Days...

A bit of organization is due...

I guessed K also thought so (or he's trying his best to snap me out of post wedding planning blues) because it was his idea to build this for me...

A ribbon rack!

It cost less than $6 and about 1/2 hour to make!

All you need is (all materials available at Lowe's):
• 2 decorative blocks of wood
• 5/8"x4' dowel
• metal "L" brackets (we recycled from an old fan) and some screws

K built it, but I think it went like this:
• Drill a 5/8" round circle in each piece of wood, don't drill through the whole wood, just a "divot" that each end of the dowel cansit in.
• Using the "L" brackets secure pieces of wood to the wall with screws about 4' top to bottom.
• Put one end of dowel in divot, slip your rolls of ribbon on the dowel.
• Slightly bending the dowel, place the other end in the other divot and voila!

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AlphaBetsy said...

Love it!! And this is so much larger than the ribbon racks in stores.