Monday, August 03, 2009

Massive Pumpkin Update!

Over the weekend I spent some time with my pumpkin and I'm getting pretty excited! After deciding which pumpkin is going to be the winner I cut the rest of the runner ups off the vine. Here they are in above photo. You can see the pumpkin I kept in the background. You can see a smidgen of my brother's pumpkin on the right corner.

Here's the one we hope is the winner! I haven't thought of a name for her yet. If you have ideas please post them in the comment section! We did some pruning on the vine and I'm a bit worried that we pruned too much! I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

I also did some estate sale shopping this weekend.

another box full of costume jewelry pieces previously owned by a model from the 40's.

My favorite piece (because I always have a favorite)

Duel perfume bottles with a funnel! I absolutely adore this piece!

By the way, Mochi is not the only one enjoying her doggie pool

This is Mr. Kwong. Before he decided to go for a swim in the pool he was nipping at the pumpkin plant leaves!

"It is not the strongest pumpkin grower that survives, not the most intelligent, but the grower most responsive to change."
~Charles Darwin, Theory of Pumpkin Evolution


Pixie said...

Wow, that IS a massisve pumpkin! :) Love the duckie.

claire said...

Love the jewelry box & all the goodies inside!

Joy said...

Very interesting blog. Are you sure that is a duel perfume thingy and not something to do with Martinis? Is Mr. "goose" alone or does he have companions?
Just asking.