Monday, September 29, 2008

It seems I have forgotten to write!

I have been busy, I swear! It seems that I am so busy that I had to pull out the "family room craft table". You always read about crafts people that have a designated place to craft but always create out in the living/family room where everyone else is hanging out. This is where the "family room craft table" came to be!
This is also where many projects tend to pile up. So you may see a melange of craft goodness. Many of the projects have been Halloween related, which I will present on October 23rd during Artsy Mama's Autumn GatheringOoh, I can't wait to see everyones spooky Halloween decor!
I can't resist, here's a sneak peek! I purchased the pumpkin pots last year after Halloween for $5 each!

What ever happen with the spools you ask?

They became mini spool people! This is a photo of one that was gifted to the one who purchased some mushrooms. These spool people can be used for gift tags or cupcake toppers. I'm playing with the idea of the recipient unrolling a quote and being inspired, what do you think? Hopefully these will be available soon in the shop. I hope all is well out there in blog land!

"Most people would rather be certain they're miserable, than risk being happy."
-Robert Anthony


Karin said...

oooh! i see glitter and pumpkins! same thing that is going on over at the Blossom Shop house :)
The spool dolls are adorable.

Joy said...

I love your little spool girl, cute, just like you. You and Karin are inspiring me to get the decorations up and out.

Danielle said...

If the picture of glitter, pumpkins, paints and brushes couldn't make me smile- then the little spool people definitely would! Happiness all around :) I'll have to check your shop for the spool-peoples... please list them sometime?

Anonymous said...

I apologise, but, in my opinion, you are mistaken. I can prove it.