Saturday, November 27, 2010

It's Complicated...

Have you seen the movie? The house is by far one of the most gorgeous movie houses! This blog has pretty good write up and Traditional Home has photos of the set.

It has inspired me to:

• Keep fresh flowers around!

• Decorate with food under glass!

• Keep potted herbs in the kitchen
or keep cut herbs in a vase!

• Light more candles!

• Work in the garden more!

• Learn how to make lavender ice cream!

I adore Steve Martin but I don't particularly enjoy seeing Alec Baldwin in the buff. However, if you like the decor of Practical Magic, Under the Tuscan Sun, then pick this movie up!

"Here comes your ex-husband. Uh-oh, not the best time to be feeling groovy!"
~ Adam, It's Complicated

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