Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Vegas Vintage Finds

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to shop for some fabulous vintage pieces. Oh, how I love digging through piles of broken jewelry!

My favorite piece! A watch face!

This is how the bargaining went...

Me: "How much for the pile?"
Dealer: "How about 10 bucks"
Me "I'll take it!"
Dealer: "You're suppose to say $8"
Me: "I'm a terrible bargainer, but I probably shouldn't of told you that."
Dealer "Take it for $6"
Me: "Yes! This is the best deal of the day!"

Thank you Mama J for joining me!

“Everything I buy is vintage and smells funny. Maybe that's why I don't have a boyfriend.”
~ Lucy Liu


Joy said...

Right on!

Karin said...

i still drool when i see your finds.
Sweetie and I went to a very cool antique mall I was told about in Scottsdale...I picked up some things that might make you drool as well!

check my blog in the days to come!

<3 you!