Monday, March 02, 2009

Straw::Hay Dilemma

Last week the California weather teased us with a few days of sunshine. It inspired me to start prepping the vegetable garden. But when I last looked, the weeds in the walkway between the raised beds at my Pop's farm were growing at least 3' tall. ugh! I started thinking and I could swear I read somewhere that you can lay straw/hay in the pathways to prevent future weed nuisance.

So off on Craigslist I went and wouldn't you know it "FREE OLD STRAW HAY".
"Wow (I thought to my self) this is meant to be!"
I called up the fellow and he says "Yeah, we have 60 bales out front come and serve yourself." Great, but it'll have to wait until I get off of work and see if K is willing to make the straw run. 6:00pm comes rolling along and K (willingly agrees) and we hop in the truck and head out to take advantage of carpool because the Bales are 25 miles away but very close to Pop's farm.

We only had to drive back and forth in pitch dark about 3 times on the listed street to find that the 12' stack of bales was around the corner (I know how could we miss it the 1st time?)

Woo Hoo, load up the rain drenched hay bales (they were pretty heavy)!

Saturday rolls around and I'm so excited to lay straw. We head out to the farm and as we finish pulling existing weeds, Pop's comes up and says "Oh, I see you brought more weeds!". So I laugh.....ha ha good one!

45 minutes later all weeds are pulled, legs starting to get sore and we cut the string holding the hay bales together and start spreading the miracle that will smother future weeds! My Pop's farmer neighbor comes rolling around on his bike

"Ah, I see you brought the weeds"
Ok....that's 2 farmers who made this comment, not so reassured anymore.
I say "what do you mean?"
"Hay has lots of weed seeds, but try it (as he giggles)"
Great am I making a mistake?

Another half hour later....the same neighbor farmer rolls by and LOL as he shakes his head....
I say to K "maybe I can prove them wrong"
K responds with "You think 2 farmers that have been doing this practically all their lives are wrong?"
Good Point!

One advantage that may benefit, it's old straw hay and the weed seeds may have been killed off by previous seasons. Let's cross our fingers! I mean it can't be any worse that the 3' weeds that we yanked out right?

“The farmer has to be an optimist or he wouldn't still be a farmer.”
~ Will Rogers


Karin said...

i hope it all works out! that sounds like a lot of work you put into it :)
keep us posted!

Joy said...

Not that he's an expert but my J said maybe it would keep out the sun and block the weeds from sprouting. He used to be a "farmer" in Fresno. But of course his crop was cotton. Good Luck.